Get a FREE Sticker Set With Each Flockmen Purchase

Your child loves to pretend play with a Fireman, a Police Officer, a Pirate? You name it! A complimentary sticker set with various roles now included in each Flockmen purchase. 

A truly open ended toy means that each time your children play with it - they are equipped to come up with an entirely new scenario. Such toys are not restricted to a particular use case - let it be building challenges, role play or a true maths learning exercise

With the Personalisation Stickers we want to enrich the Role Play experience aspect of Flockmen. 

As you may have noted, Flockmen is all about open-ended play. We have set out to build an ecosystem of thoughtful toys that are growing with your child. They serve as a medium for early development and education.

Grab your set of Flockmen and get a complimentary Sticker Set here