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"Imagined by Parents & Montessori educators to enhance children’s ability to learn & discover the world through play."

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  • Flockmen open-ended design encourages creative & imaginative play. Inspired by Montessori and based on Waldorf principles makes them a toy that grows along with your child as their play habits and abilities develop between 2 - 8 years of age.

    Flockmen are designed to take the beating in a busy classroom and home environments. Hence they are made from the Baltic Birch, known for it’s exceedingly strong and durable nature, resistance to shock and splitting. It's the material used in hiqh quality musical instruments.

    Flockmen have been recognised by home-school parenting communities and Montessori classrooms around the world.

    Please note that exact colouring of wood may vary due to the natural variations in the wood

    • Storage bag: A practical and reinforced natural linen storage bag with a drawstring to neatly organise your Flockmen.
    • Wooden-shavings: Some children use them as "hats" for Flockmen. But in general they just look awesome and we thought to delight you.
    • Flockmen size: 50mm wide, 70mm tall, 15mm thick. Each piece has been made large enough, for it to be almost impossible to swallow, in case you were worried about the little ones ;) 
    • Box: Wrapped cardboard box of 12x26x12cm 
  • 2-3 years / Baby set of 16 pieces. Research on the EU toy standards shows that children of this age are just starting to develop their construction skills. Therefore block play slowly becomes more and more actual. At this age they are not interested in many blocks, rather than the mechanics of stacking.

    16 pieces are a good starter kit as it allows to explore the basic numeracy, story telling and personalisation endeavours.

    3 years + / Preschooler set of 32 pieces. Is perfect for complex construction projects, ideal Montessori material to teach calendar, alphabet, advanced numeracy and much more. Also, this is ideal if you have several children 

    Classroom set of 100 pieces. As the name suggests it is designed for classroom use. Usually split between classes and groups.

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