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Printable Building Challenge Cards

Children love to be challenged. Unlike adults, all they need to get started is just an IMPULSE. Children do not have the emotional baggage we do, they are not put off by failures. They see the world differently – through the eye of exploration.

These printable building challenge cards are here to kickstart your child’s imagination and fuel their explorative minds.

By referring to the illustrations on the cards your child can develop an understanding of how the Flockmen can combine, test their stability in various combinations and most importantly, have lots of fun!

Flockmen Building Challenge Cards

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Tips on Play

Play Tip #1

Compete against the time

Use the stopwatch to compete against child’s own best building times.

Play Tip #2

Compete with each other

If two or more children, then try to compete who builds the shape faster.

Play Tip #3

Build together

Encourage children to build together, especially the more complex shapes.

Play Tip #4

Teach the basic laws of physics

Explain to your child how the balancing works, as there are shapes that need to be built in symmetry.

Play Tip #5

Create new challenges

Encourage to come up with new challenges. For example – build the tallest structure, build the longest bridge, etc.

Play Tip #6

Be an architect!

For more fun, incorporate surrounding elements, such as other toys, or use the environment to build and connect – just like an architect!

Shonagh from Three Busy Boys blog

The card concept created by

Shonagh Ruddick

Full time mommy of 3 little boys. Illustration degree. Art & Design teacher. 

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