About Flockmen

Safe, sustainable and ethical

We're parents first. For us, it's important to provide safe environment for our kids to play, discover and prosper. Therefore our toys are following highest quality standards. All our toys are CE certified and tested by an internationally accredited laboratory to comply with EN71 toy safety regulations. 

All of our production, quality assurance and distribution is organised in European Union, a small, but beautiful country of Latvia. Our goal is to cooperate with local suppliers, utilise and train local skillset. We choose to invest in the surrounding community, not to chase the cheapest price and discard common ethics in China.

The people we work with are our greatest asset, we're a family business and value relationships higher than gold. It's reflected in our work ethics such as communication, labour and above-the-market pay scales for our team.

We're in complete control of all the process, from product design, to product testing at local kindergartens, to manufacturing, quality control and fulfilment.

Open ended, imaginative way of play

When we were kids, we were 'marked' as introverts. We loved to step aside, to watch, learn and think. We thought that the world belongs to extroverts, people who're bold and chatty. As we grew, we started to break out of the rigid stereotypes that were programmed deep in our being. We came to realise that being an introvert is a blessing, it has thought as to be Observers.

Being an Observer is remarkable, it allows to emphasise with people, connect on a deeper level and learn to discover the world through different lens. This is what makes us designers, the creators, the explorers.

Therefore we are in the business of making truly open ended 'tools' (aka toys). This reflects our world view and we hope that such toys help children come up with new ways of play. We're for toys that are open, undefined and imaginative. Our toys are not getting in the way of play, rather they enrich the playing experience. We've wrote an article on it here. 

The Flockmen's unique language of play connect toddlers, young parents and grey haired seniors. Generations find their own way of playing with Flockmen - from telling bedtime stories, to competitive building projects, role play, pretend play and even fun games for the whole family.

Our founding story

“Life is about play. It is upon us to choose who we are and define what we do. It is not about “what the boss says”, nor about our level of income and status. They are just mere elements of the game. It is all about playing hard and redefining the rules.”

Read our founding story here.