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Flockmen Christmas Game

By Dawn Nelson @writerdsnelson

The aim of the game is for the nine Flockmen elves to help Flockman Santa reach chimneys in order to deliver his presents at Christmas. With five levels, the game can be played by all the family.

The game is for two players. One player has five red presents and the other, five green. You line the five chimneys up in order of height, smallest to tallest. At each level there’s a game card representing the way you need to stack the elves and Santa in order to reach the top of the chimney. If you stack the Flockmen in the way the card shows without them falling over, Santa can put a present down the chimney. The winner is the person who delivers the most presents. If you both deliver them all, you both win, hurrah!

Flockmen Christmas Game Levels

 To play the game according to the rules your children will probably need to be at least three, depending on their abilities, but my little Bean is two and loves this game even if she doesn’t manage to stack the elves in quite the way the cards suggest. She loves to send the presents down the chimney, stack the Flockmen and even the presents.

Flockmen trying to reach the chimneyChild playing with FlockmenFlockmen - Stacking the Elves and Santa

The great thing about this game is that you can start with 10 Flockmen and add to it, to increase the difficulty. You can build different frameworks with the Flockmen and create taller chimneys. I have numbered the Flockmen 1 -10 and you could create a mathematical element to the game, making sure the Flockmen are stacked in order. Perhaps they need to be added in sums. For example, to reach chimney number 1 you need three Flockmen equating to 15, so an elf with a 2, one with a 3 and Santa with a 10. Free play and role play with Santa and his elves, is also easy with this game. It even doubles up as a child friendly Christmas decoration. The possibilities are endless!

Flockmen - Getting to grips with SantaGetting to grips, stacking and playing with Flockmen

Flockmen Christmas game cards

Fancy having a go at making your own? Here’s what you will need.

There are four different elements to make for this game. They are all simple elements and won’t take you long to make. You could even decorate the Flockmen, chimneys and presents together with your children.

Flockmen - Christmas Game - What will you need to make on your own

To Make The Flockmen

Flockmen Front and Back

I used paint pens to decorate the Flockmen but you could use markers too. Don’t forget that on the natural grain of the wood the pens may run slightly so try to use a pen that won’t bleed into the wood too much. I also printed out a couple of pictures of elves and santa as a guide for decorating. You may want to do this if, like me, you’re not a confident artist.

Flockmen Santa Front and Back

To Make The Game Cards

Flockmen game cards

To Make The Chimneys

Making the chimneys for Flockmen Christmas Game

To Make The Presents

I used DAS modelling clay to make the presents but you could use Fimo or any other clay that will dry and harden. They don’t have to be perfect just present shaped.

Making the Flockmen gifts from clay



Complete Flockmen Christmas Game made at home

NOTE // The presents are light but dropped from a height they could damage wooden furniture or floors. Use a mat underneath the chimneys or play on a carpeted floor. Alternatively add a small round of sponge to the bottom of each chimney.

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