#14 Skyscraper Speedtest

Want to challenge your friends or brothers and sisters to a Flockmen challenge? See who can build the tallest skyscraper in 30 seconds.

skyscraper speed test with Flockmen - engineering challenge

What you need:

  • 32+ Flockmen (we recommend a set of 100 if playing with 6 or more kids)
  • A clean, flat surface such as a table top
  • A 30-sec egg timer or smartphone/tablet with a timer app

Challenge Instructions:

  • If versing other children, take the pile of shared Flockmen and split into even piles.
  • Start the timer and begin building your skyscrapers.
  • Try balancing the Flockmen one on top of the other, and experiment with alternating the angle (as shown above) to strengthen the ‘grip’.
  • How tall can you make your tower? The person with the highest tower at the end of 30 seconds is the winner. Maybe you could have a best of three competition?
  • Options: extend to 1 minute for younger children.
  • Extra challenges: try it with your eyes closed, or with one hand behind your back!

Skyscraper speed test with Flockmen - engineering challenge

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