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Printable Pattern Cards

By Shonagh Ruddick @three_busy_boys

Solving complex problems is a COMPLEX ability which consists of many elements. One of the essential elements is the ability to see patterns in the surrounding world.

These printable pattern cards are here to train your child's mind in seeing patterns. It's essential element in problem solving capability.

By combining Flockmen onto the outlined A4 sheets, your child will gradually explore various connections and similarities. You will see how the "thinking speed" improves as progressing through the templates. Flockmen Building Challenge Cards

Tips On Play

Tip #1

Explore new patterns

Create more complex Flockmen composition on the A4 or A3 sheet with an outline
Tip #1

Incorporate other elements

Advance the learning by introducing additional elements in outlines and let your child explore
Tip #1

Compete on time

Use the stopwatch to compete against child’s own best building times
Shonagh from Three Busy Boys blog

The card concept created by

Shonagh Ruddick

Full time mommy of 3 little boys. Illustration degree. Art & Design teacher. 

Blog | Instagram Shop her printables

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