Our Story

Flockmen was created in 2013 by Dzelzīši family, that had two energetic children at the time.  

In a very busy household, where both parents were juggling life, work & their commitment to children, time devoted to meaningful play often wasn’t as recurrent as the parents wished. The father, being a very creative person, had an idea about “creating a toy that would be exciting enough to catch his son’s attention, lovely enough for the daughter to be interested in it & keep it, and the most important of all - something that would bring the family together”.

Delzisi family’s dad worked as an engineer and a lecturer at the University of Technology. He loved everything natural, everything that felt real. After long hours of experimenting in his garage with various materials and shapes, Flockmen was created. Simple in it’s creation, yet amazing in children’s eyes.

Both of the children really enjoyed the wooden figures and Flockmen soon became their favourite toy. It still has a very special place among all other toys and children return to it, as they grow.  Great things don’t necessarily need to be complicated.

Since the day Flockmen enriched their toy selection,  Dzelzisu family have had a great passion and desire to share Flockmen with others. To help bring this creative and inspiring wooden toy to many more children across the world,  Dzelzisu family have asked us - Janis & Kristaps to assist them in this important process.  Therefore we are delighted to introduce you to Flockmen: a wooden toy for endless hours of creative play.

Flockmen seek to bring joy, fun and endless hours of play for children, parents and their friends. Get your set and join our inspirational journey of play with a natural wooden toy.

Flockmen represents parents’ desire to equip children with resources that enhance their imagination,  provide opportunities to have fun and share it with others.


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