Flockmen Founding Story

“Life is about play. It is upon us to choose who we are and define what we do. It is not about “what the boss says”, nor about our level of income and status. They are just mere elements of the game. It is all about playing hard and redefining the rules.”

- Thought Kris on a brisk morning walk through the Westminster park. His life had become very serious and he needed to make room for play.

As he stepped in the door, to his surprise, he got a video call from an old friend whom he had not seen in four years; John, an unstoppable explorer. He had a discovery he was burning to share: a wooden toy family bursting with ideas and working wonders. He had named them - The Flockmen. John shared how on a late winter evening, Flockmen had sparked his explorative spirit and got him off the cosy couch. How Flockmen made him notice children playing with awe, coming up with heroic tales, diving into adventures and exploring the strength of the Oak Wood Man! Soon thereafter John himself was drawn into hours of play. He never stopped since then.

Whilst John was showing off the wooden man on the computer screen, Kris grinned with skepticism and stated his disbelief in heroes as he knew what was hiding beneath the Santaclaus beard. But to respect his overwhelmed friend, he continued to listen. Word after word, John’s enthusiasm melted Kris’s bitter heart and he invited Flockmen to his home overseas.

Upon arrival, Flockmen found favour with everyone in Kris’s family -  stuck to the glue stick in a flash, got coloured by the crayons and rode the RC buggy daily. The word about this new-found hero spread quickly, more and more people wanted to meet Flockmen.

In a blink of an eye, Flockmen had brought the play back in Kris’s life. Flockmen showed new horizons and taught Kris to dream. Through their unique language of play, Flockmen connected toddlers, young parents and gray-haired seniors! Everyone found their own way of playing with Flockmen - from telling bed time stories, to competitive building projects and fun games for the whole family.

Production process trials and early deliveries

Montessori educators, home-schooling parents and all sorts of creatives fell in love with Flockmen. They earnestly supported Flockmen’s adventure by creating an ecosystem of learning materials, incorporating Flockmen into their schools and family playtimes. Along with the books, they made their way to schools and playgroups! Flockmen started to travel around the Europe and distant lands over the seas.

Flockmen is a family company. Our open-ended and completely natural toys bring hours of fun for any adult who’s searching a common language with his children and friends.