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Felt Cutouts

By Priscilla Vela @mama_extraterrestre

Decoupage is a craft that entails pasting paper (or fine cloth such as Felt) cut outs to an object and then covering them with several coats of PVA glue or other suitable vanish. As a result you get a beautiful appearance of a depth, making the patterns look as though they are painted.This activity may take a bit longer, but will provide fantastic end results. You can use newspapers, patterned tissue paper or other fine fabric material of your choice to decoupage your Flockmen. They will look stunning.

The very human-like form of Flockmen leaves your child’s mind free to transform the shapes through their play and bring Flockmen to life in an endless variety of characters and scenarios. This is a wonderful opportunity to understand what is on your child’s mind.

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Tips On Play

Tip #1

Use in Role Play

Create a Flockmen family that is going on a family day out to a farm. Assign roles, jobs and play it out.
Tip #1

Use in Story Time

Get the Flockmen involved in your story times, as characters to retell the story
Tip #1

Recreate Characeters

Could a Spider Man be made from the felt? Should you invent your own heroes?
Priscilla Vela from Mama Extraterrasre

The felt cutouts created by

Priscilla Vela

A restless mum that loves to experiment and share with the world.

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