#6 Dominoes with Flockmen

Dominoes is a game that has been played for centuries using small identical blocks with markings and numbers that are used to play strategic number games. But they also had another fun use - when placed upright in a line close together, the first can be knocked down and create a ripple effect, knocking all the subsequent dominoes down in motion.

Flockmen can be used as dominoes in this way too. If your kids don’t know how to play with dominoes, this Noddy episode is a fantastic and fun introduction for them.

Photo: Alens Līdaks


What you need:

  • 50+ Flockmen for a good length domino line
  • Actual dominoes (optional)
  • A clean, flat surface such as a table top or floor (floorboards or tiles, not carpet) 

Challenge Instructions:

Set up the Flockmen one by one in a line. The line can stay straight, or curl around chair legs, it can zig zag through obstacles and double back on itself. You can even use a set of dominoes alongside Flockmen to create an even longer line that runs together.

Be as creative as you like, but be careful not to accidentally knock the dominoes too early. Building each section in segments is a good idea, and you can connect them carefully with a few extra Flockmen/dominoes at the end, just before you ‘launch’. 

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