Colour Matching Cards

At the very basic level - colour matching cards are a fun way to teach colour combinations and colour names from a young age. But the main goal from our (the Flockmen) perspective is to provide you with crafty ideas and tools to spend quality time with your child. 

These printable colour matching cards are here to teach the colour matching basics, colour names and encourage crafty family time.

All you need to do is to print the cards, laminate them if you choose, and cut them apart. Here's a couple of ideas to get you started:

1. Wool Wrapping

Flockmen wrapped in wool

This is a great fine motor skill that develops finger muscles for writing and dressing. Concentrating on the fiddly task is great for little hands and minds. You will need a selection of wool in the primary and secondary colours featured on the cards.  Invite your little one to copy the colour combinations.

2. Painting

Flockmen painted in colours

If you chose to colour your Flockmen this is a great activity to get little ones to match the colours and recreate the outfits.

3. Felt Clothing

Flockmen felt clothing

You will need some coloured felt and scissors to make the clothing for the Flockmen. I used a biro to draw around the figures on felt before cutting the shapes in half to create a mix of tops and trousers. If you have an older or more able child then they can cut the pieces themselves before recreating the colour combination outfits.

4. Paper Cut Outs

Flockmen Paper Cutouts

You could print off two sets of cards and keep one to cut and one to refer to, but I chose to use some colour card to make the mini outfits. These can them be matched to the cards.

Download The Colour Matching Cards 

Flockmen Colour Matching Cards