#16 Castle Tower + Lookout

You’ve mastered the basic pyramid, now it’s time to make it circular. You can use Flockmen to make awesome towers, and if you have a set of 100, a whole castle!

What you will need:

  • 40+ Flockmen for a good sized tower
  • A clean, flat surface such as a table top

Castle tower with lookout - flockmen engineering challenge

Challenge Instructions:

  • The base is important when creating a tower like this. Because the curved nature of the lines means Flockmen don’t tessellate as neatly, strength is found in precision and a solid first row.
  • Take 7 Flockmen and arrange them in a circle, roughly a finger apart.
  • Take another 7 and fit them between the shoulders of the Flockmen in the first row, bridging the gaps.
  • Continue with 7 row by row as high as you like.
  • Optional: create a lookout by stacking single Flockman on top of eachother.

tower with lookout - flockmen challenge

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