#29 Flockmen Challenge - The Interlock

This challenge will make you a cool little contemporary art piece

#29 Flockmen Challenge - The Interlock

What you need:

  • 6 Flockmen

Challenge Instructions:

I love making sturdy designs like this one. You can stand it on any 3 heads and it’ll hold the structure off the ground for you.

Start by locking 4 feet together like this:

#29 Flockmen Challenge - The Interlock - guide

Then you insert the remaining 2 Flockmen through that hole you can see in the image above by their feet (but at opposite angles from each other - the structure doesn’t hold up if you just put the last two in straight). The end result is a cool 3 dimensional piece of art.

Use this as inspiration to see what other designs you can come up with. Come up with lots and make your own Flockmen contemporary art museum.

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