#27 Flockmen Challenge - The Side Stack

This is fairly straightforward, but it mixes up the usual ‘build upwards’ concept and make you look at your Flockmen from a different angle.

#27 Flockmen Challenge - The Side Stack

What you need:

  • 28 Flockmen (though you could keep building on the idea)
  • A clean, flat surface - a table top or a flat floor are best.

Challenge Instructions:

I think this one is pretty easy to get your head around. It’s normal building, just sideways…

Start with one Flockmen on it’s side and then slowly build up sideways. It’s best to build diagonals, so start by adding 2, then adding 3 etc all on diagonal angles. When your building with Flockmen on their side, you need to work from bottom to top and they’ll slot right in. ;)

#27 Flockmen Challenge - The Side Stack - guide

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