#26 Precarious Sideways Stack

This may look simple, but it's far from it. Get ready for precise and careful handling to make your Flockmen all rest on each other at juuuuust the right angle. You'll have a stack of fun with this precarious side stack

#26 Flockmen Challenge, Engineering - Precarious Sideways Stack
What you need:

  • 16 Flockmen
  • A clean, flat surface - a table top or a flat floor are best.

Challenge Instructions:

Okay, I’ll admit… This one was difficult. But I really wanted to make those gaps where there’s 3 sets of feet together. So that’s where it all starts. Start with 4 pairs of the upside-down inter-locking arms position.

Next, you need to carefully balance a Flockmen (3) between each of the gaps.

From here you need to create 2 more pairs of upside-down inter-locking arms Flockmen. You may need to put them onto your structure at the same time to keep the balance. It’s a bit tricky, so get a friend to help if you’re getting stuck here.

The main thing you’re trying to line up here is the even balance of the middle flockmen having a foot on each arm and two feet on his head. At the same time you need to take the outside upright Flockmen and get an upside-down foot into their shoulder slot (see the picture to see what I mean here).

Finally, there’s the one Flockmen atop the structure to finish it off. DO NOT RUSH. It’s called a precarious stack for a reason. You need to do it slowly and carefully!!!

Hope you got there! It’s a fun one and is a great way to learn about balance and counter-weights!

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