Play & Learn together with your children - few ideas to get you started with Flockmen

We sincerely believe that Flockmen are the kind of toys that encourage indirect communication between you and your child. They are effective tools to mirror to your child’s mind - deepest thoughts, happiness and frustrations are reflected into how your child plays with Flockmen.

You will see how Flockmen toys empower your child’s imagination right in front of your eyes. They make learning through play feel natural and authentic.

To help you to get started with playing with your set of Flockmen we have combined a few play ideas for you based on our play experience with our own children, play groups and contributions from customers all round the world. We sincerely hope that these tips will fuel your imagination and enrich your precious playtimes with the little ones. Enjoy.


Construction Projects

Photo: @playful_wren 

Flockmen are tactile toys allowing your child to experience them through touch and movement. Their unique shape makes them easily stackable. Children can develop their collaboration, non-verbal communication and fine motoring skills by building various kinds of shapes, patters and construction projects.


  • Encourage building along side other toys you already have
  • Build a structure yourself first, then ask your child to memorise and build it from scratch


Decorate & Characterise

Decorate / Personalise and Characterise Your Flockmen

The very human-like form of Flockmen leaves your child’s mind free to transform the shapes through their play and bring Flockmen to life in an endless variety of characters and scenarios.  This is a wonderful opportunity to understand what is on your child’s mind.

At the moment, the linseed oil coating does not support stickers. They just fall off. The best way to personalise Flockmen is by tiny bits of PVA glue. 

This will change when we start producing Flockmen out of solid wood. You'll be able to personalise them with stickers! 


  • Use Flockmen in role play. For example: Create a Flockmen family that is going on a family day out to a farm. Assign roles, jobs and play it out. Your child will enjoy it. Children often use real life experience in their role-play times, giving you a little peek at how they view the world around them.
  • Get the Flockmen involved in your story times, as characters to retell the story
  • Let the imagination flow and customise Flockmen with colours, decoupaging and paper accessories


Learn Through Play

Learn Through Play with Flockmen

Flockmen help your child to visualise basic maths problems such as addition, subtraction and times tables. Older children can incorporate the pieces in to geometry and physics problems.


  • When you create shapes or patterns with your child, count the Flockmen in your creation
  • Start with counting from 0-3 in sets (repeat in the activity by setting up Flockmen in various ways to establish the knowledge) then try 0-5, 0-10, etc.


Play Games

Play with Flockmen - filling shapes with Flockmen

Our children love Flockmen, they return to the toys over and over again. That makes Flockmen the perfect material to use in games.

Flockmen are made of wood and coated in linseed oil. Therefore we suggest that you do not expose them to water. (Like do not take them in the bath! :) However, a bit of water won't damage them.

If by any chance they are exposed to water - they might start to look fluffy! But that is an easy fix! Just take a bit of fine sand paper and gently polish. You will see the fluff coming off.


  • Think of games that your child already knows and replace those traditional elements with Flockmen figures. This will give a new breath to the game experience
  • Remember that everything can be a game!

    Which Flockmen set is better for my child?

    Depends on your child's age. Why?Because children play behaviours are shaped as they go through several development phases from being cute toddlers to adventurous explorers, innovative builders and inspiring geniuses. 

    Children age 2+

    Best to get Flockmen: Explore, set of 16 pieces. It will be just the right amount for toddlers to engage in basic games, role play and personalise.

    Get Set of 16

    Children age 4+

    Should get Flockmen: Build, set of 32 pieces. This set lets your child to engage in complex construction projects. It is iead Montessori material to teach calendar, alphabet, basic counting and much more.

    Get Set of 32


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    • Dear Faye,

      in the picture above we used simple markers as it was handy at the time! We have also played with watercolours, acrylic. However, the the most child-friendly colour would be Tempera Block –

      The tempera block will sustain that natural feel of the wood. See some examples of what @three_busy_boys have done here

      Wood being wood will always be impossible to clean off completely when coloured. But if you wish to customise without a trace, consider using alternative methods, here are some examples for inspiration : , ,

      hope that helps and fuels your imagination ;)

      Kris from Flockmen
    • I just wondered what had been used in the photo above to colour the flockmen in with? Can you paint them at all?
      Thanks x

      Faye Green
    • Thanks for asking, good questions Shirley ;)

      1. A little exposure to water won’t damage Flockmen. However, I suggest you don’t take them in bath! As they are made out of wood, they will start to look fluffy! You can get rid of the fluff by gently polishing them with super fine sandpaper.

      2. If you personalise, then it’s best done by bits of PVA glue! The linseed oil coating does not allow any other stickers to hold. This will entirely change when we switch to solid wood production. You will be able to personalise with removable stickers!

      I’ve updated the article to include answer to waterproof concern ;)

      Kris from Flockmen

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