Toys in Learning Process

Toys and games play a large part in the early development of children. Psychologists say that playing is not just a filling in of an empty period, just a relaxation or leisure activity, but it is an important learning experience.

The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need in their life. These kind of toys helps to learn about the world around, support kids development by increasing their IQ and they also help to foster creativity and imagination. 

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We asked our friend:  Molly Howard from @create_make_and_play about her experience with toys in learning process. She is a qualified Primary School Teacher with 8 years teaching experience who's working with children aged 3-5.

1. What is your opinion about learning through play?

It’s a brilliant way to enable children to learn and develop a sense of the world around them.

2. Does toys really help to learn and teach?

Yes there are amazing toys out there but the simplest of toys help children to learn. For example a toy horse can teach children many things, for example, animal names, types of animals, similarities and differences, animal sounds, caring for animals and so on.

3. Do you use them in learning process?

Toys are always used with all the learning that takes place at home, we love hands on learning.

4. What is important for you while choosing educational toys?

Quality and whether or not it’s open ended.

5. How important is to use toys, that promotes creativity and imagination? 

Very important as it’s a great way to further develop a child’s language, social skills, understanding of the world around them and so much more.

6. What kind of toys parents should choose when they think about physical space for play at home?

Wooden toys that can be used for many years, that will grow with the child.

7. Do you agree that less is actually more?

Sometimes too many resources or a big step up can be quite over stimulating for a child. I believe that it’s all about having a healthy balance. You can give a child a plastic bottle and a bowl of water and they could entertain themselves for hours.

More comments or suggestions from your side?

As mentioned above have a healthy balance of every day items for your child to be able to access as well as bought toys and promote independence where possible.


Thank you, Molly, for your time to answer these questions!
Moly Howard / @create_make_and_play




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