"The World of Flockmen" by Amanda Motisi

At first, these little friends of ours may look like a quite plain and simple toy, but I have wanted them to be a part of our toy rotation because of the endless possibilities something like this presents.  I wanted to share a few with you.

1. Strategizing skills. There are many different ways to stack the @flockmen, but it looks easier than it is! Through trial and error, children can experiment with different   ways to  create designs and there are   templates available from their website to use that vary in difficulty. 

2. Problem solving. Even I sometimes have had to take a minute to pause, breathe, and rethink my plan when trying to set up, build, stack, or create with the @flockmen. Overcoming these big feelings and persevering during play is time well spent. 

3. Math and number sense. We have used these to help develop number value correspondence and 1:1 counting skills.  They are also great to help visualize early (and advanced) addition and subtraction concepts. Also, counting by 2’s and 3’s with the @flockmen provide for both visual and tangible modifications. 

4. Pattern work. Children can create and/or copy different patterns and designs with the @flockmen. Again, some templates are available on their site for this but you can also create your own! 

5. Imaginative play/small world. Children can always use them for their imaginary worlds - one day they can be firefighters lined up holding a hose and another they can be surfers down by the sea! 

6. Dominos. Line them up and watch them fall! Great process learning here. 

7. Coordination and fine motor skills. They are small but have perfectly crafted grooves for little hands!  They will naturally help to develop these skills with repeated use.  

8. Portable. They also come in an adorable little canvas bag so they can be brought along wherever your little ones may want to take them! 


I hope this list is helpful for you! If you are looking for a great toy that also provides for wonderful learning opportunities for your children, check these out!


Thank you: Amanda Motisi






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