Design your Character!

Take your Flockmen to the next level with these custom-designed stickers. 
We have created these sticker sets to expand the possibilities. To show some variations of using flockmen figurines in role-playing and learning. 


Photo: @thebeardugos 

Give your Flockmen an instant hit of personality! Transform your Flockmen into firemen, astronaut, an artist or doctor! A role playing toy will keep your child entertained in pretend play. 

Help encourage the development of children's speech and social skills through play. 
Playing with these stickers is an easy way for kids to interact with each other. Each can choose a role before they start playing and imagining.  
* All our stickers are designed to peel off so they don’t have to stay on forever.


Photo: @mackenzie_merrill

Recognize colors is just one of many skills preschoolers need to learn in their early ages. Teaching colors to children at young age is an important part of development. Hands-on activities for learning colors are such a great way to teach color basic for toddlers and preschoolers. 

Choose more creative way and fun activities in learning process. 

Each sticker set contains 16 paper stickers in different colors.




 Photo: @playful_wren @lhercenbergs 

Activities for learning numbers for preschoolers don't have to be boring. This is a great tool for learning and understanding early math concepts. When children use their fingers to count, they are strengthening their number knowledge and their ability to visualize numbers in their minds. 

Help preschoolers learn their ABCs, teach letters and words. 

Draw your superhero by yourself or paint your Flockmen in your favorite color. 

Each sticker set contains 16 white paper stickers.

* Not sure you want the stickers on forever? No worries! All the stickers are fully adhesive, yet designed not to damage or mark the wood when peeled off, so they can be removed at any time.


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