MANY WAYS TO PLAY WITH FLOCKMEN by @our_little_farmer from Australia

When I was given the challenge of choosing a toy to see how many different ways we could play with it I couldn’t go past our Flockmen. I had already seen how diverse they could be in the classroom but I truly underestimated the open ended nature of this toy. Your imagination really is the limit with Flockmen and I think we could have kept going and going with different ideas. As our little man continues to grow I am sure we will find more and more ways to include our flock in our play and learning but gosh they have already well and truly earnt their place in our playroom!

1. Flockmen Fall - Place Flockmen on a ramp or slide and knock them down and see how they stack themselves up. 

2. Sensory Baskets - Include Flockmen in sensory baskets to add another colour and texture for the, to explore. 

 3. Sensory & Small World Play - Flockmen make a fantastic person in sensory and small world play that doesn’t present a choking hazard. 

4.  Flock Pin Bowling - use Flockmen as skittles with a ball, also develop motor skills by challenging toddlers to stand up Flockmen. 

5. Sleepy Stacks - stack Flockmen horizontally. 

6. Flockmen Post - cut out outlines of Flockmen from different angles, flat, standing, laying on side and get children to rotate Flockmen to post through the holes. 

7. Flockmen Rescue - Tape Flockmen to the floor for tummy time or the tray of the high chair. 


8. Flockmen Flats - channel kids positioning schema urges by building some flats or houses for the to out them in. 

9. Dominoes - build them up and knock them down. 

10. Flockmen Construction Challenges - pose challenges to your kids. 

Thank you @our_little_farmer for such a great play ideas! 

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