Inspired by nature, we created a product that develops a child's imagination!


When we worked on this product, we did not deviate from our values and the idea that the product should be natural, using natural, ecological ingredients. 

Inspired by nature, we created a product that develops a child's imagination, thinking and creativity. 


In cooperation with a mother from Latvia, a product was created - Flockmen Natural Playdough. Which includes edible ingredients: wheat flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, vanillin, food coloring, cream of tartar.


Playdough is beneficial for kids' development in so many ways.

Photos: @liannadestiny 

It’s excellent for developing a child’s fine motor skills. Perfect tool for sensory play and learning to inspire the imagination. It allows kids to think creative by making anything they can imagine.

Playdough also helps to develop attention and focus. It gives a positive experience, helps to calm down your kid and reduce stress. 


The set includes 8 different nature-inspired colours:

- Grey Stone

- Green Moss

- Brown Soil

- Red Berry

- Yellow Honey

- Blue Ocean

- Pink Blossom

- Beige Sand

It's packed in air-tight tin jars. 

It's made to be safe for our kids and the planet. The playdough is compostable and the packaging is recyclable. 

Weight: 75 g per colour
Total weight: 600 g
Recommended age: 2+

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