Compostable shipping bags from @packfromnature

Our goal is to create sustainable toys that stay fun and relevant for years. That's why we choose natural wood. Flockmen guarantees the safety of your child and our beautiful planet. 

We are more than happy to use @packfromnature compostable shipping bags- sustainable packaging, which made from corn starch and are non toxic. 
They break down within 45 days in an ideal compost Environment and within 6 months in home compost.

Plastic industry produces 300 million tons of plastic per year
worldwide. 600 billion plastic bags are produced worldwide per year. Traditional plastic take 500 years to completely decompose. An estimated10 000 to 100 000 tons of plastics are in the ocean surface waters. Plastic debris trash kills an estimated 100 000 marine mammals annualy as well as millions of birds and fishes. Turtles mistake bags for jellyfish. It is very sad statistics, right? 

In the last few years, with the maturation of PLA, PBTA and other materials in the production process , compostable bags have made great breakthroughs in waterproof and stretch. Now they can completely replace ordinary plastic bag. And here is the sollution! 


From @packfromnature raw materials , ink, to finished products,you can be sure that any item they produced will break down and not harm the environment in the process ! Can be composted at home or commercially.

It's recommended to use the bags at least twice, when the packaging is unsuitable for use, it should be composted or throw with food waste. @packfromnature say that..

it's difficult to live without plastic, but we are trying to do as much as possible to fill our land, not a landfill. 

Forget about old plastic bags and say "Yes" to compostable bags! 


Read more info here: 

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