What Is Flockmen?

Flockmen is an inspirational, wooden children’s toy that has been designed by innovative parents for active little learners.

Flockmen’s development has been based on Montessori educational principles:

1. Children are born with a desire to learn

Flockmen meets this desire and can be used to nurture & develop it on a deeper and more meaningful level.

2. Children learn at their own pace

Flockmen can be used in a simple play/learning setting and can gradually become more complex. It can be used to teach numeracy, enhance children’s literacy and promote their social/emotional development.

In the Montessori approach well trained teachers guide children to reach their full potential, however we believe that every parent can take on this role, by carefully preparing the environment for the child to play in by selecting materials and toys, to expand their imagination and learn in a fun, child led way!

Key facts about Flockmen

Flockmen has been crafted with care

Each piece is cut out based on the original Flockmen’s shape, that has been crafted to perfection, by dedicated parents and passionate entrepreneurs.

It is 100% Natural

Made out of natural and durable birch plywood, coated with pure linseed oil, Flockmen is guaranteed to stand out on any toy shelf.

It is sustainable

All materials used in the creation of Flockmen are responsibly sourced. We are proud to be green and support independent farmers.

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