Child Led Play With Flockmen

Child led play can manifest itself in various ways. It can be in the form of child initiating a game or activity he/she may want to play with an adult or a peer. It may be in the form of independent play, where child develops deep concentration and is absorbed by the activity of their choice.

In order to encourage a child led play using Flockmen in your home we suggest you implement the following:

1. Less Is More

Pack up the toys that have been out for a while and that your child has shown little interest in, for the last month or so. Get Flockmen out of it’s packaging. Display it in a clear box, or a tray.

If you are taking first steps to child let play, sit down with your little one and play with them. Pay alongside them. It will inspire them. You will soon notice that they replicate your play style and add to it. They will be absorbed by the repetition of the game and have a great time.

2. Encourage

Give your child freedom to choose activities, games & toys you have put out. Encouragement is necessary for an extended period for children to develop concentration in childhood ((Lillard & Jensen, 2003). Mix up pieces and parts of various toys or games, to create a unique and fun playing experience. It will also encourage imagination and problem solving skills.

3. Be Creative

Creative energy is the urge of life towards development of the individual (M.Montessori, 1898). Don’t be afraid of taking a few Flockmen with you when you are out & about ( take great care - don’t loose them). Get creative and decorate your Flockmen family - you may use stickers, markers, paint etc.
Have fun!

For further reading:

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About The Author

Alina Kalnina Kalnaraja is a writer at Flockmen. Her days are spent between being a mother to an active 4 year old, administrating an office for a non profit organisation in the North of England and freelancing as localisation and social media consultant for a global children’s brand. She is passionate about living an intentional life! She uses her MA in education and various experience gained throughout years in places as far as USA and mainland Europe. Check out her blog.

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