7 tips on playing with Flockmen

Flockmen belongs to the building block toy family which is one of the most popular and imagination-rich categories of all times! But this won't be an article on building block history, so let's get started with 7 tips to jump-start your play ideas. But before we begin remember that fantasy is valuable aspect of play!


1. Participate in play yourself, especially with young children

Children are more likely to get involved, when someone demonstrates the building possibilities. This is where you get to show off too - but be careful, Flockmen is addictive, remember that you are playing with children, not alone!

2. Stimulate pretend play using characters and other accessories

Mix Flockmen with other toys, for example – a car. This will lead them to more ideas for construction projects e.g. a garage, house, bridge and so on! Remember to ask questions about their build too and you will be amazed by what they come up with. 

3. Challenge kids with specific building tasks

Free playing with Flockmen is important, but children also reap special benefits from trying to match a structure to a template. To get things started, suggest a type of structure to build, you can describe it with words, draw a picture or even build it yourself and ask to replicate.

4. Replicate scenarios and encourage role play

Encourage children to add personality to each Flockmen - stimulating various play scenarios (eg mirroring family, friends, various life events and so on).

5. Take Flockmen to bath!

I haven't seen a child who doesn’t love a bath and playing with everything in it! Flockmen can be very interesting in water, especially when wood is soaked up - the construction will stick together more firmly.

6. Combine Flockmen with story-time

Flockmen is just perfect to illustrate role based stories, especially those with personalities involved. This requires lots of creativity from you, but it can be very rewarding to your children.

7. Encourage cooperative building projects

Cooperative building can help children develop better social skills. For this you will need two or more participants, but don't be discouraged if they are not the same age range. Younger children love to learn from older and older ones love to lead. Invite friends over or pay them a visit, it’s definitely worth it!

And one more thing - remember to personalise Flockmen

It is very easy to colour it with basic stationary. Challenge children to name each Flockmen and draw faces with expressions, clothes or accessories. But don't stop here, draw clothes on paper and glue them on!


It is your turn now!

We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment on how your children like to play with Flockmen! 



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Alina Kalnina Kalnaraja is a writer at Flockmen. Her days are spent between being a mother to an active 4 year old, administrating an office for a non profit organisation in the North of England and freelancing as localisation and social media consultant for a global children’s brand. She is passionate about living an intentional life! She uses her MA in education and various experience gained throughout years in places as far as USA and mainland Europe. Check out her blog.

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