Production process & materials

We are delighted to be working with 100% natural, responsibly sourced, high quality materials. We are determined to bring you the best quality product.

The wood used to create Flockmen is sourced from cleanest regions in Northern Europe, specifically - Latvia. Latvia is one of the greenest countries in the whole of Europe. There are still vast amounts of woodlands with dense wildlife. The great amount of frogs and black storks inhabiting the Latvian nature, is an indicator that the soil is clean and furtile. Don’t just take our word for it, please see the FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council) certificate*. It proves that our plywood is sourced sustainably, from sustainable forests.

The linen oil, used to coat each Flockmen, is sourced from local Latvian farmers, insuring it is chemical-free and completely natural. We support local community of farmers, by using locally sourced products to create a high quality product.

This is how the each piece of Flockmen is created:

At the moment all Flockmen are made of the birch plywood, however we are continually experimenting and looking for new alternatives. We are devoted to work together with our customers and the children who use our product, as we continue our journey of making the perfect Flockmen.

* FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification  is the assurance that our timber is ethically sourced and comes from sustainable forest. Please, Have a read at the 10 base principles of FSC.


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