Our values

1. “Play is the work of the child”
Maria Montessori

    Playing is what children do. Flockmen’s main goal is to bring joy to children through creative play. At Flockmen we strongly believe that children learn the most about themselves, others and the world around them through play. Flockmen is a high quality, robust wooden toy that brings families together - to play, learn and enter the children's imaginative world through the use of a naturally beautiful recourse.

    2. Adult & children engagement

      As creators of Flockmen, we highly value family time spent in fun and engaging ways for participants. We believe that Flockmen has a great ability to engage both children and adults in imaginative play that is fun for all.

      Flockmen is a unique building block that has a potential to turn into a character in it’s own right.  The versatile use of Flockmen engages children and adults in the way that, creates learning opportunities that enhance children’s social, emotional and cognitive development.

      3. Learning new skills

        Learning new skills is part of children’s everyday life. Flockmen promotes learning of various aspects. It helps children develop their gross and fine motor skills,  challenges their problem solving abilities and gives opportunities to practice concentration.

        Flockmen is a great tool that serves as a mediator to enhance children’s mental function.  When used socially, it can cultivate children’s ability to think in abstract ways.

        4. Joy

          Our true hope is that Flockmen brings boundless joy to everyone who receives and plays with it. We aim to convey the love and affection we have put in the development and creation of this unique toy to each of our customers. We aim to bring adults and children together for precious, valuable play times, because playing is fun!

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