5 Creative Ways To Make a Colour Wheel With Children

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Narrated by: Alise, 10yrs

Disastrously, our family of 6 all caught a cold and got ill. Even after several weeks we are still trying to pull-through this sickness and overcome the fact we became ill during the end of August!

Can you imagine the time it takes for us all to go through the same virus? You may know that it takes a lot of patience and self-control which I, unfortunately, did not have very much of. (😥 sighs)

Because of the cold our regular comforting long walks outside stopped so we had to find something interesting and worth-while to do indoors.

We were bursting out several ideas on what to do until we landed on colours. Mostly because they are fun, especially when explored together, but also developing and sharpening skills.

I’ll share 5 ideas which me and my children have made come to life with colours!

Before we start, grab you free colour wheel printable here. (And whilst you on the site - check them out, they have some more cool stuff. We especially like their posts on children activities.

Also, remember that it is -

Suggested that young children around  2 - 3 years old are at first recommended to get to know the 3 main colours – blue red and green.

Once the basics are learned - feel free to get adventurous and explore the vast world of colours (16.8 million in total, good luck with that! 😅)

1. Making a colour wheel out of old magazines

Colour Wheel From Magazines

We decided to utilise our collection of advertisement posters, booklets and magazines (unbelievable how they add up over the time!). We looked for different shades of colours, cut them out and stick to our very own colour wheel.

  • Each child been given 2 colours
  • Some children lost their focus straight away but others achieved their tasks instantly. But never the less,the goals were accomplished by both and as a result we got a grand colour wheel

2. Making a colour wheel out of toy cars 🚙🚕🚗

Colour Wheel With Toy Cars

Colour Wheel - Separate Colours with Cars

In our family we have three little boys and that means it comes along with a huge box full of tiny toy cars!  

With only one hint that we could maybe make a colour wheel with the toy cars 😳 they quickly set to work and finished this with great enthusiasm, very quickly.

  • At first the cars were sorted by the colour and then turned into a shape of the colour wheel.
  • The white cars didn't technically need to be there,but my children still found them a place to fit.

Next, we also talked about the opposites of colours like violet and yellow, green and red and blue and orange.

3. Making a colour wheel out of sweets🍭

Colour Wheel From Sweets

I was exploring the internet and came upon an experiment where you use different coloured sweets to make a colour wheel.

Take something colourful, for example: Skittles, M&Ms or Smarties.

Here’s a video that inspired us

My children really enjoyed this experiment but what made things even more enjoyable was that at the end of the experiment you could eat them all!

  • Just spread out the sweets evenly around the dish
  • Pour water near the middle so it reaches a little after the sweets.
  • Sit back and watch the colourful play unveal in front of your eyes (you might find it hard to patiently sit and watch as it is tempting to entice your taste buds)

4. Making a colour wheel with Stikeez

Colour Wheel from Stikeez

After all these experiments we felt encouraged and looked around for what else could we use to make a colour wheel. After some searching we found Stikeez which we bought quite a while ago at a local supermarket.

Btw, we got this beautiful A3 size colour wheel from here.

5. Making a colour wheel with play dough!

Colour Wheel From Play Dough

Some days before all this activity-packed fun my daughter made a colour wheel with aa little twist. She had made the same colour wheel but instead of using toy cars, sweets, Stikeez or different shades of paper, she used the good old play dough!

That's it

Overall that is how we spent the colourful hours indoors instead of outside in the grey, cloudy daysdays!

Wishing you a colourful, healthy autumn and for you to collect all the fruit and veg along with all the grand colours of autumn leaves to make your very own colour wheel!

If you too indulge in colour exploration with your children, please share some pictures and a couple of lines on how you found the activity

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    Thank you so much for sharing this.


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